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Artesano Costa Rica

Architect . Developer . Construction

Artesano Costa Rica

Architect . Developer . Construction

We are here to serve and protect your funds.

«We prepare our whole lives and our youth for this»

All the members of our organization have gone through construction and architecture processes for more than 25 years, in which we have known and learned from many other activities such as engineering, surveying, project management, real estate development, and special equipment for residential and commercial buildings.

Today, we are together because we believe in the pursuit of excellence, building confidence and reliability to our clients and our staff, designing budget-responsible projects, building environmentally sustainable projects, and managing healthy funds.

«Construction is not about construction, it is about people and good communication»

Your team

Arch. Jose Guillen

Funds Manager

“The bigger the dream, the bigger the team, it grows if we grow, my purpose in life is to collaborate…..when I’m not with the numbers and plans, I’m cooking and writing”

Lic. Mariel González

Director & accounting

“Artesano is an end in itself, an organization in the process of development and growth, thanks to its quality, its projects, but more importantly its members… I love my puppies and my plants, and I think I am obsessed with decor»

Eng. Cristian Fernández

Construction project manager

“With a lot of love and my experience, I will contribute the best of myself, to direct Artesano to other people, because I believe in our work…. My objective, quality of life, quality of work and my family”

Lic. Lucrecia Ceciliano

Human resources & payrolls

«Labor relations are very good despite the union we belong to, the work environment is an eternal sunset… family and cooking are my religion»

Eng. Manuel Rojas

Construction provider & electro-mechanical

«In a strong and consolidated company there are only good people, you evolve like everyone else, but only if you find committed staff, in the end the work speaks for itself… I have found that goodness and strength in my daughter»

Arch. Grettel Jerez

Architecture Project Manager

“Clear communication and clear numbers allow us to walk safely and not blindly, knowing numbers is easier…. As an athlete and dancer, I understand that my profession requires the same talent and discipline… ”

Arch. Sven Pfeiffer

Architecture Project Manager

“We are all co-workers, we are supportive of each other, we take care of ourselves, nothing by halves…. My work is an adventure that I take very seriously, I am innately passionate…”

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