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101 ways not to build a house

“Nooo Jose“, my dear friend Michael K. told me, quality shouldn’t cost more. The difference between those who build, and those who build better, lies in the quality of their thoughts, their ingenuity and excellent customer service. I pushed myself to learn more, took notes, and began to apply the new knowledge going forward.

Designing is not capturing lines on paper; it is capturing ideas on the ground and in the minds of those who participate in the project. And in the end, a gentile smile from the client is enough to seal a business commitment. Yes, that’s enough, believe me.

Architecture is sacred, there are three divinities that participate in the design process, the Clients, the Architects and of course the Land, each one with a 33% participation, and the remaining 1% pure divine inspiration.

Simple and poor-quality construction plans generate simple and poor-quality constructions. Paper can hold up to anything, but not a budget.

The location of the buildings on campus – land – is not an act of faith of an “architect looking at the sea…”, very romantic. The budget requires a deep mathematical, scientific and statistical analysis. Here the seed is planted that will grow healthy and vital. Otherwise, it might be swept away by a storms, extreme winds, excess sun and rain.

Healthy buildings, like our body, require ventilation and natural lighting, not only in the obvious design. Remember that wood, ceilings, walls, floors, and ceilings also perspire. We want to be healthy: «will it be healthy where we are going to live?»

“I assumed that…” “I supposed that…” “I thought that…” are not enough reasons to make a decision, my dear friend Rose told me. Everything has to be verified 101 times, and if it still isn’t enough, one more doesn’t cost anything. That’s why now, I do it 102 times, thanks to her.

A plan or a project design that is clear and defined from the beginning marks a route to the successful goal. If the road is modified or lengthened, like a map, the horizon disappears, and it will be necessary to ride in unknown terrain, and many times, blindly.

Therefore, taking the time to consult is vital; your purse will thank you.

Knowing where to put the funds and your money is very important. In the end, the true value of the investment is that the outcome exceeds the initial expectation. 

«Million Dollar Baby, «that’s what my dear friend J. called his investment.

The street is not the second university as everyone believes. Customers are the second university, so listen to them and understand them!

Each line in a plan is the equivalent of a dollar of investment. Therefore, beware of those who make many sketches and doodles without letting go of the pencil. 

The lines should only be placed when studies were made and respective mental knots resolved.

Thanks to all those who read this article and those who have allowed me to write it!

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